General Platform Information

Interny Platform is an online platform connecting businesses offering internships with candidates seeking valuable work experiences. It facilitates the entire internship lifecycle, from job posting to candidate selection and onboarding.

Companies post internship listings, candidates apply, and the recruitment process unfolds within the platform. Both businesses and candidates have free and premium packages tailored to their needs.

User Packages

Free Interns can create profiles, access internship listings, submit limited job applications, use basic communication tools, and access limited career development resources

Premium Interns enjoy enhanced profile customization, priority access to listings, unlimited job applications, advanced tracking tools, advanced networking features, and full access to career development resources.

Free Businesses can create basic profiles, post listings, access limited applicant profiles, communicate with applicants, and have basic access to talent acquisition tools.

Premium Businesses get an enhanced company profile, priority listing placement, full access to applicant profiles and analytics, advanced communication tools, and complete access to talent acquisition tools and resources.

Interny Business and Interny Consulting Modules

IB is a service where businesses answer a questionnaire for HR demands. Once verified by the IB-Recruitment Team, the process begins, providing businesses with tailored HR solutions.

IC is a service where candidates answer a questionnaire for internship demands. After verification by the IC-Career Matching Team, the process starts, matching candidates with suitable opportunities.

Internship Process

Companies post listings, candidates apply, and the recruitment process unfolds within the platform. Verified Interny Business and Interny Consulting modules enhance the efficiency of the process.

Remote Internship Policy

Interny’s Remote Internship Policy outlines guidelines for effective remote internships. Both parties agree to adhere to these policies for a successful internship experience.

Interns and companies follow the policy guidelines to ensure a structured and successful remote internship. It covers aspects like communication, confidentiality, and mutual expectations.

Payments and Verification

Payments are processed securely within the platform for premium packages and specialized modules, ensuring a smooth transaction process.

The respective teams (IB-Recruitment Team and IC-Career Matching Team) verify submitted questionnaires to ensure the authenticity and eligibility of the requests.

Support and Assistance

Users can reach out to our support team through the platform’s contact channels for any inquiries, assistance, or troubleshooting.

Yes, Interny Platform provides a comprehensive resource center with guides, FAQs, and tutorials to assist users in navigating the platform effectively.