University and Entrepreneurship Relations Team Member Intern

Application ends: December 31, 2023
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Job Description

Hello! We look forward to meeting our new Team Members. At the end of this program, you will have the opportunity to gain experience and certification in a global organization. We are looking for trainee team members to volunteer for 3 months in this international organization.
Who are we?
In our Brussels-based non-profit organization, which we established with our team with more than 30 years of experience abroad, we provide equal opportunities on a global scale to initiatives around the world. We are working to create opportunities from the USA, England and Europe for young people around the world who have good ideas but do not have the opportunity. Are you ready to work with us to achieve our goals and provide opportunities for young people? With this way of working, which will be completely online, you will be involved in the establishment of a global organization in Brussels, in the center of the European Union.

How will you work with us and what will you achieve?
• Online,
• Part-time and flexible working opportunities,
• International network
• It is important that there are no travel barriers (in terms of taking part in international events of WSF)
• If you want to combine your internship with an Erasmus internship, you will find opportunities to work in offices in Brussels, London and the USA.
• International participation certificate
Our requirements:
• Business English Proficiency.
• Knowledge in Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, Power point).
• Being familiar with the startup ecosystem is a plus.
• Being open to working in an international team.
• Having communication and interpersonal skills.
• Having analytical thinking, planning and organization, solution-oriented, communication and cooperation skills
• Self-confident, responsible, and conscious of volunteering,
• *** Another language besides English is preferred
Job description:
As an enthusiastic and curious member of our team, you will take on the responsibility of assisting project managers while serving as a Member of the University and Entrepreneurship Relations Team. Your role will involve increasing the interaction between young entrepreneurs and university communities with our organization, and creating collaboration opportunities in the field of entrepreneurship. Are you ready to become a part of our international and constantly growing organization? We look forward to receiving your application.